This website is a collection of embedded hardware and firmware designs I have done over the years, as well as articles I have written. These designs include network protocols such as Modbus/TCP, HTTP Server, DeviceNet, and Profibus - implemented on microcontrollers. Also included is some information on designing with FPGAs with an example in VHDL.

The embedded system developer must weave together the vast array of ever-changing hardware with the discipline of code development to make a CPU or FPGA do what it's supposed to. Device complexity has increased over the years to make designs more difficult, but the wealth of knowledge has also expanded. Thankfully, much of that knowlege is shared across the web, helping us actually figure this stuff out.

I provide links to other web pages and some books that have helped me deal with the ever changing world of embedded design.

This information is provided in the hope of helping other developers with details I have already dealt with, and perhaps avoid some pitfalls.


Jim Brady
Jan 2014

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