DeviceNet Project

In 1998 I wrote an article on DeviceNet that appeared in Circuit Cellar in two parts. The first part described DeviceNet messaging and objects. The second part was about a small DeviceNet system I built using a PC/104 stack. It measured temperature and humidity and sent the data over DeviceNet. The stack consists of a DeviceNet interface board, a sensor interface board to digitize the sensor data, and a Microsys 386 board running DOS. See the links at right for a photo of the PC/104 stack, and schematic. In the photo, the boards in order from top to bottom are: DeviceNet, Sensor interface, and Microsys CPU.

I tested this system using a PC with a DeviceNet Card installed in it. The card was made by Softing GmbH.

The source code that accompanied the article is provided here in its original form. It is a bit dated now since it was developed using the Borland 3.1 compiler and the target CPU runs DOS, but it does illustrate the use of C++ to create DeviceNet objects.

See the links at right for the articles and the source code

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